Meet the Laughing Pets Atlanta Owner

Laughing Pets Atlanta Owner

Karen E. Levy, Owner

Like many pet owners, I love animals!! My thirst for knowledge of “everything dogs” began several years ago when I adopted my fur-baby, Diesel. I’ve always loved cats though I don’t have one of my own. Since adopting Diesel, I’ve spent countless hours learning about animal behavior, dog training, animal nutrition and best practices for caring for a happy, healthy pet. I’m certified in Pet First Aid & CPR and am an advocate for positive reinforcement training.

I’ve volunteered with various pet-rescue organizations such as Atlanta Pet Rescue and Canine Cellmates. My areas of volunteerism include being an adoption counselor, a dog-training assistant and raising funds totaling over $25,000.

In 2010 I founded Laughing Pets Atlanta and have been dog walking and pet sitting ever since. It’s my honor to be selected as a caregiver for my furry clients. Nothing makes me happier than waking up each day and seeing a bunch of laughing pets!!

Meet our Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Team

Christina - Laughing Pets Atlanta

Christina B.

Christina grew up in Southern California and has never lived without a dog by her side! From fish to cats to parakeets, she’s always had a love for all pets. Before moving to Atlanta, Christina spent time in northwest Florida, watching over various pets of friends and family before deciding to turn it into a career. When she’s not snuggling up to animals you can usually find her voraciously watching movies, studying Korean, or creating a film of her own.
Service Area

Darby C.

Darby grew up in Kansas and recently moved to Atlanta for college and filmmaking. Although she’s new to city life, Darby is an experienced animal lover and caretaker. She grew up with everything between cats, dogs, snakes and fish, and loved her first job at a doggy daycare in Kansas. Now in Atlanta, you can find Darby exploring the city and taking long walks on the beltline with her chow chow, Laika. In her free time, she loves to skateboard and take road trips with her friends.

Paige - Laughing Pets Atlanta

Paige M.

Paige has lived in Georgia for most of her life. She has her undergraduate degree from UGA and has recently completed her master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. Paige is the proud owner of a pit-lab mix and a Maine Coon cat and has said that pet ownership has not only created an infinite amount of joy in her life but has deepened her love and appreciation for animals. In her spare time, Paige enjoys yoga, reading, being a foodie and attending all of the outdoor music and food festivals Atlanta has to offer.
Katie - Laughing Pets Atlanta

Katie M.

Katie is originally from Marietta GA and moved the city after graduating from UGA in 2012. She’s is a registered Landscape architect and works at a mid sized firm in downtown Atlanta. A lifelong animal owner/enthusiast, she has always grown up in a household with both cats and dogs. Katie was also an equestrian for many years in her youth, fostering her love of animals big and small. In her free time, she enjoys walking the beltline, playing tennis, and doing sporting leagues with her friends
Michelle- Laughing Pets Atlanta

Michelle P.

Michelle has been pet sitting for Laughing Pets Atlanta since 2014!  In 2008 Michelle moved to Atlanta from New York.  She’s a full-time realtor for Coldwell Banker and an overnight pet sitter.

Michelle has an interesting background as a former counselor, preschool teacher and antique dealer.  In her “off-time” you can find Michelle at  local museums and interior design centers.

Why Hire Laughing Pets 

Loving Animals is not enough!

Laughing Pets Atlanta works as a team. Our team members are employees rather than independent contractors. There are multiple benefits to working with a company that has employees.


Our staff members are trained to follow specific instructions in how to best care for your pets. No matter who your care provider is, you will get the same level of service. Companies utilizing independent contractors cannot train or guide independent contractors. Independent contractors determine their own set of procedures and make their own decisions in how to best serve the client. Your care from one independent contractor to the next could be very inconsistent.



All team members participate in on-going education. Your care provider is taught how to best handle your pets and keep them safe. Laughing Pets Atlanta is a FetchFind approved company. FetchFind provides our team with videos and articles every week. All of us participate and must pass a quiz after each assignment.

In addition to this training program, management will periodically accompany care providers in the field for further guidance. They are shown how to dispense medication, reinforce training and work with reactive dogs. Employees even learn fun things they can do with your pet such as tricks, games, etc.



All employees are closely monitered and supervised. Companies utilizing independent contractors have little to no supervision. Most independent contractors are not subject to GPS tracking so you won’t know if the visits are shortened or done at different times than your request.



Laughing Pets Atlanta, applicants go through an intensive screening process. All applicants go through a 5-step interview process including a risk assessement evaluation and personality test. In addition, all employees have passed a national, state and county background check. Companies hiring independent contractors have a minimal screening process and oftentimes don’t meet the applicants. Everything is done online.



Did you know that independent contractors can contract out their jobs? They can send anyone into your home without notification to you or even our company! You will not know the level of training and education they have, not to mention that the substitutes are not insured. Though independent contractors are required by law to have liability insurance, most do not. More reasons to hire Laughing Pets Atlanta.



You have direct access to the owner of the company so when there’s a problem you have someone to call who holds its employees accountable for their actions. When using independent contractors or services like Rover, Thumbtack and Uber-like companies, who do you call when there’s a problem? A customer service department who is giving you “canned” answers!

Consider all of those things together and you’ve hired a company who takes dog walking and pet sitting very seriously. Laughing Pets Atlanta recognizes that your pets are family and deserve the best care providers. Knowing who has access to your home is not taken lightly by you or by us. With Laughing Pets Atlanta you are hiring the best of the best and can feel confident your home is protected and your pets are given the very best care.

Using Technology

When choosing a pet sitting service, does technology matter?

Making a decision about who will come into your home and take care of your four-legged family members is very important. Not only will they be responsible for your pets, but also for the safety and security of your home.



Our pet sitting software, Time to Pet, is an online portal that stores all of your sensitive information. The site is secure and is only accessible to you and your individual sitter.

Each of our sitters has a password-protected app on their phone that gives them access to this information so that there is no paper trail. When your sitter has your keys there is nothing on her person or her car that would ever link those keys back to you. Each sitter has their own login so that they can quickly assess the details for the client they are servicing.



This information ranges from your names and contact information to the alarm codes, schedules of your trips, and your pet’s food and medication data. Do you want that data to be on written on pieces of paper kept in your sitters’ cars? What happens if their car is broken into or is stolen with all of your sensitive home information inside?

If you are trusting your neighbor, family member or even some pet sitters who don’t utilize technology, the security of your home and pets could be significantly compromised if the information needed to provide service for your pets and home is not gathered and stored in a secure manner.

In addition to this training program, I accompany them on their assignments so that we can tailor the service to your pets needs. I show them how to dispense medication, reinforce training and work with reactive dogs. I even teach them fun things they can do with your pet such as tricks, games, etc.



At your door, each sitter checks in through their app and when the visit is over, the sitter checks out. This process documents the duration time and it even goes a step further. A pin is dropped when they check in and out so their locations are verified. You will never have to worry if your sitter is cheating you out of visit time.


All scheduling requests go directly into the pet sitting software for us to approve and confirm. Think of the times you want to set up a visit but it’s too late at night to call or text! It’s no problem; getting it scheduled is as easy as logging in to Time to Pet and making the request. The next morning, you will receive an email confirmation that your visit is set.


Maybe there is a specific visit where you want us to do something out of the ordinary. No problem, just log in to Time to Pet and send us a message. Or, when you schedule, put those special instructions right into the request. Need to pay an invoice? No need to search through your emails. You can access all pet care invoices at any time in Time to Pet and pay them at your convenience. You can even store a credit card in your online Time to Pet account and we can charge your card as you book services. One less task on your to-do list.

Technology makes working with Laughing Pets Atlanta so much easier.

There’s so little for you to do and so little for you to worry about. Focus on having fun with your pets!

We have you covered.

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