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Laughing Pet Atlanta’s Favorites


Kongs can be used in a variety of ways. Stuff them with yogurt, peanut butter, wet dog food, or sweet potato and put them in the freezer. This will extend the amount of fun your dog will have. Stuffed Kongs are great for dogs who may be stressed when their parents leave, good to use when you have guests and great for car rides, among other things.

Fleece Tug Toy

Rope toys can be very dangerous. They can shred in your dog’s mouth and cause choking or bowel obstruction. Both can be deadly. A safer toy to play tug would be made of fleece.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

This is a great tool to use to slow down your dog’s eating or just to give him mental stimulation. Put his kibble inside the toy and let him work hard to get the kibble out.

Go Cat Teaser

This will keep your cat pouncing for hours.

Froli Cat Laser

Another way to keep your cat happy.

Favorite Training Tools

Freedom Harness

The Freedom Harness is great for dogs that pull, especially those larger dogs or dogs that are pulling really hard. It has two points of contact that give the handler a lot more control; a loop on the back and a ring in the front of the harness.. This harness really stays in place and definitely cuts down on the pulling. Watch this short video to see what it looks like, how it fits and most importantly, how it will give you more control when you walk your dog. WATCH VIDEO

Easy Walk Harness by Premier

This harness is ideal for people whose dogs walk them! It will instantly curb pulling by your dog and will give you much more control on your walks. Our walkers use them regularly for all sizes of dogs who pull. You can buy the Easy Walk at most pet stores. See how easy it is to use: WATCH VIDEO


Martingale Collars

This is a type of collar that will not allow your dog to slip out. It’s a lot more comfortable and humane than a choke chain. This type of collar comes highly recommended for a dog who is new to a household. It’s especially warranted for Italian Greyhounds, Greyhounds and Whippets because their necks are larger than their heads and they can easily slip out of a conventional collar. You can find a variety of martingale collars at any pet store.

Favorite Pet Photographer

Leesia Teh

Leesia Teh has a gift for bringing out your pet’s personality in a photo. Not only does she take the most beautiful photographs of your pets, but she also donates her time and her photography skills to various rescues including Atlanta Pet Rescue and Friends of DeKalb County Animal Control. In addition, she’s a wonderful foster mom to many kittens. Check out her site.

Purchase with a Purpose

Barking Cat Jewelry

Ann Finley makes the cutest jewelry for humans and animals. She makes pendants such as “Who Rescued Who” and “Crazy Cat Lady” as well as key chains and animal tags. But mostly, she supports animal rescues all over the country. When you buy an item, a portion of your purchase goes to an animal rescue of your choice! Check out her site

Animal Related Documentaries and TV Shows

Beyond the Myth

Pit bulls have been unfairly characterized as violent killers. This film examines the myths behind the breed and challenges these myths. It also presents research surrounding the media and their role in influencing opinions of pit bulls that has led to breed-ban legislation.


This film poignantly points out the downside of keeping Orca whales in captivity. The film gives us insight to their lives in the wild and in captivity. There’s an emphasis on their lack of well-being at Sea World.

Dogs 101

This TV show on the Animal Planet Channel will give you great information on many dog breeds and describe what kinds of home environments will work best for them. You can view these shows on the website or on places like or

Cats 101

You will be amazed at how many cat breeds there are! Learn all about the different breeds of cats on this TV show. You may have to view these shows on the website or on places like or

It’s Me or the Dog

Victoria Stilwell comes to the rescue of families whose dogs are out of control. Watch her positive reinforcement training in action. You will learn things you can implement in your own home.

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