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Dog Walking & Puppy Care

Whether working long hours or super busy working from home, your dog can get some well deserved interaction too! Your pup can enjoy fresh air, exercise and a potty break while you are away!

Do you have a puppy? Puppies require a great deal attention.  If you are working with a trainer or training them yourself, we will reinforce what you are focused on so your puppy gets the consistency necessary to be successful.  We will be diligent to schedule at the intervals they need for housetraining.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Leaving your pets can be stressful. Being concerned that they are safe and happy can ruin a vacation. There’s nothing worry about when Laughing Pets Atlanta is giving them the love and attention as if they are our own. Keeping them on their usual schedule and being comfortable in their own environments keeps their stress level down as well. Special needs and senor dogs benefit from our skill in giving medication and recognize the signs of illness.

We’ll contact your vet if needed and know first aid and CPR for if your dog is in distress.

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting

Laughing Pets Atlanta understands the needs of cats. It goes beyond keeping their litterbox clean and food in their bowls. Unsupervised, cats will entertain themselves and sometimes end up in places they shouldn’t be so we will find out their hiding places and make sure they are ok. We love playing with the very social cats and and for the more laid back cats , we’ll give them what they need too.

other services

Other Pet Care Services

We can help with those busy days! When you have no time to go to the vet or groomer, we will gladly drive your pets back and forth. If you run out of supplies while you are out of town, we can make that trip to the store for you. Even when you travel with your pets, you may need someone to bring in packages… our house sitting services are a perfect solution. Lock yourself out? No need for a locksmith. Use our key to get into your home!

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